Installing Window Film is what we do best!

If you have had your car’s windows tinted, you know how helpful that can be. But you also know that the tint won’t last forever. How do you know when you need to replace your window tint? Below are six signs you need to replace your car’s window tint.

The Film Edges are Pulling Up

A big sign that you need to replace your window tint on your car is that you’re going to notice that the edges are peeling up. There could be distortion or breaking down of your film as time goes by. This will usually happen after it’s been exposed to the sun for many years, and this will mean that the tint is peeling up.

Sometimes when tint peels it will crackle as the window goes down or up. As time passes, that adhesive used for applying the tint will become hard and crystalize, and this makes it a lot harder to take the tint off. How long the tint lasts will depend on the type of tint that you are using., along with how long you’ll take removing and replacing the tint.

Air Bubbles and Bulges Developing

Older tints aren’t just the reason that you want to replace your tint. Sometimes, one of the signs that you’ll need your auto tint replaced is seeing air bubbles and bulges in the tint. If you don’t have the tint installed professionally or if you roll down your windows immediately after the tint is installed, it can lead to air bubbles.

Sometimes these bubbles are able to be completely eliminated. But if these methods aren’t working, you’ll have to replace your tint. Your best bet is to have a professional do it because they will ensure that you have a job that’s more efficient. Not only that, but an expert can replace your tint without causing damage to your glass.

Scraped or Cut Tints

Another reason why you might want to replace your auto tint is if you notice scraped or cut tint. This can also be caused by an amateur job when someone uses a razor blade for applying the film.

Whether the film’s put on an auto or building window, it’s going to go through different pressure types. That’s the reason why you want to have it replaced so that the cut doesn’t grow and affects the way that the vehicle looks and the way that the tint works.

Fading and Purpling

You’re going to know that the tint on your car window is beginning to fade when the tint’s grey color turns purple. This means that there’s way too much sun exposure.

Fuel Consumption Increase

Tinting your windows will help you save on how much gas your automobile uses because they help with keeping your car’s interior cooler. Having an interior that’s cooler isn’t going to overwork the air conditioner, which will save you additional fuel. If you find that your gas mileage is decreasing, it’s a good chance that you need to replace your tint.

Your Car’s Interior Has Damage

Since tinting the windows will help with preventing damage to your interior, the one thing that you might notice when you need to replace your tinting is that there’s damage to your car’s interior. This means the tint’s not working anymore and you need to replace it.

These are six ways to know that you have to replace the window tint on your car. If you are seeing one or more of these signs, you want to go and have the tint replaced by a professional to keep your car looking great.