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FAQs & Testimonials

Why 3M Window Films?

3M™ invented window films and is the world leader in the core window film technologies: thin film coating, adhesives, nanotechnology, multi-layer optical films and abrasion resistance.

Why Shoreline Window Film?

Shoreline Window Film has the character, experience, knowledge base & capabilities required for professional installation services.

Is there a Warranty?

3M™ provides a lifetime warranty for residential applications and a 10-15 year commercial warranty that covers the window film, the window, and the installation labor.

What Customers Are Saying!

Great! The sales people were knowledgeable and informative. - May 2017

Staff and crew were professional and courteous.- May, 2017

The very best service we have received from any company in a very long time. - July, 2017

Dan was exceptional! Great job. - May, 2017

"Wonderful! So nice. Very clean worker." - Marina Galeano August, 2017

"Daniel did a wonderful job. Would definitely recommend him." - Bob Jones February, 2017

"Staff is very knowledgeable, polite, and courteous. They have done a great job and happy with their work." - Kim Schaffer December, 2016

"Excellent! Will hire again." - George Edwards January, 2017

"First class operation. Thank you." - Rick Entringer January, 2017

"Recommended to all friends. Word excellent and experienced." - Joe Alongi March, 2017

"The product, the process, the people, all excellent!" - John Heilstedt March, 2017

"Dan & Fernando were very neat and made sure all the blinds, curtains, and furniture were put back as they had been. Very impressed! Lovely gentleman." - Dave Russo March, 2017

"Great! The sales people were knowledgeable, and informative. Everyone worked hard to get the film befor we left for MN. Wonderful experience, thank you very much." - Lorraine Rippe May, 2017

"Dan was exceptional! Great job." - Tom DiGiorgio May, 2017

"The best service we have experienced in a very long time from any company." - Todd Mickey July, 2017

"Staff and crew were proffesional and courteous." - Gary Gehring May, 2017

"We are truly satisfied with Shoreline Window Film in every possible aspect. Highly recommended!" - Catherine Kassianides September, 2017

"Professional, efficient, great people."- John Miller July, 2017