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4 Types of Window Film for Your Home

If you have your car’s windows tinted, chances are that you have thought about having your home’s windows tinted too. But you’re not sure what type of window film you should get or what types there are available. Below are the four main types of window film and what each can do to help your home’s windows.

1. Decorative Window Film

This window film is the one that is thinnest. This type of home window film is able to be designed for enhancing existing glass’s look. These decorative films give you privacy, gives the home’s windows an upscale and unique look and they’ll also help with reducing the interior glare. One of the examples of decorative film is giving their windows a beautiful etched appearance without having to remove and sandblast their glass. This also increases privacy and letting in the natural light. Another example of decorative film is privacy film with a frosted appearance, blocking the view of neighbors without blocking the sunlight.

2. Low E or Solar Control Window Film

This film is a great way that you can protect your belongings and make your home even more efficient when it comes to energy. This type of film also can protect your belongings from the harmful rays of the sun. Products such as this have the ability to filter out 99% of the ultraviolet rays that can damage belongings, such as your furniture, fabrics, and rugs from becoming dried out or faded. Look for a window film that gets Skin Cancer Foundation’s approval.

3. Film for Window Security

This type of window film will protect your windows from different accidents. When a window is broken, dangerous shards are prevented from flying out and injuring anyone who is in the vicinity because it keeps the window pieces attached safely to the security film. Along with reducing the problem of flying glass shards, it also can thwart robberies and forced entry. Doors and windows often invite people who want to break into your house. When you place this security film you’re your glass doors and windows, it will be possible to deter the thieves who use the smash-and-grab tactics from being able to penetrate the glass. This type of unexpected obstacle’s going to discourage thieves generally and so they’re going to move on to an easier target.

4. Film for Storm Security

If you’re living or working in an area that is prone to storms, using this type of security film can turn your windows into safety glass that is shatterproof, and it uses the same type of principle that is on the front windshield of a vehicle. During storms, glass often becomes vulnerable and this type of film is able to improve the durability of the glass because it holds the shards together if the glass breaks. Think about the reason why you want to put film on your windows and that will help you with choosing the one that is right for your needs. Are you in a high crime rate area? Home security film might be the best. Are you in an area that gets a lot of storms? Then you want to choose the one for storm security. Do you want to lower your energy bills or protect your belongings in your home? The solar one is the best choice. If you’re simply looking for a way that you can give your home a new look or you want to give yourself some privacy in your home, the decorative film is a good choice. Think about what you want and then choose the one that fits your needs the best.