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Do you want to keep you and your family and your belongings safe? One of the best ways that you can do this is through putting security film on your windows. Below are four ways that security film can help with keeping you safer.

1. Reduce Break-In Threat

A big benefit of putting security film on windows is that it’s going to help with preventing robberies, home invasions and break-ins. Window film gives your windows a layer that is protective. Even though it’s flexible and thin, it will create a seal that is protective which will make the glass a lot harder to break.

The window film is made to withstand more than one blow. Once a criminal has been unsuccessful to break a window, chances are that they are going to stop trying and move on.

Even when a criminal is able to shatter the window, they are going to have a really hard time being able to go through the film, since it’s made to keep your shattered window together.

2. Block the View of Criminals

A lot of people think that a home invasion will only occur at night. but this is wrong. Most break-ins will happen from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. when the sun is out. This often is because the criminal will want to see into the home so they’re going to look through the home’s windows.

When you want to give yourself more security for your home, you can choose film that is tinted. This will help with obscuring someone’s view of what is in the room. This will make it a lot harder for a criminal to view inside the house and see what you have.

Another great thing about tinted film is that it’s going to help with protecting the house from the UV rays. It’s going to also help make the house more efficient when it comes to energy since it will block the heat so it won’t enter during the summer and it will seal the heat in the home when it’s cold. It also is going to help with reducing your chance of skin cancer.

3. Stop Harm From Shattered Glass

When a window shatters, the glass from it can be a big issue for anyone that is close to the window. All of the safety threats don’t come from criminals. A window can shatter because of a kid hitting a ball, a piece of furniture tipping over or even from branches broken by a storm.

When there is an unexpected shattering of a window, if someone is really close they could be cut from the glass flying. The window will hold windows together if they shatter. This will stop glass shards and stop them from flying and people will be much safer.

4. Protects Windows During Storms

Window film is a good idea for anyone but especially those who live in areas where extreme weather, like hurricanes and tornados, happen often. The film will help stop windows from shattering due to debris flying from storms.

These are four good reasons to put film on your windows to help you keep you and your family safe. It will help keep you safe from break-ins, glass shattering, gives protection during storms and reduces cuts from shattered glass.